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Reusable Coffee Mugs

Did you know that many of those single-use coffee cups you're using can't be recycled?

And that the compostable ones are only compostable if you have access to industrial composting?

Skip the disposable coffee cup the next time you hit the coffee shop!

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Green Your Personal Care Routine

Ditch plastic toothbrushes and dental floss.

Switch to compostable!

How We Ship

We try to do everything in our power to minimize the amount of packaging we use, both in how we receive our products and in how we ship them to you. We refuse any plastic packaging materials from vendors and have made a point of only working with companies that will bring us their products plastic-free. We also reuse almost 100% of the packaging we receive. Where new packaging is needed, we choose materials that compostable, made from recycled materials or FSC certified. All of our actions matter, so we felt that thinking through how we do business is pretty important! Read more….

Who We Work With

We want to work with companies who are doing more to help our world. This is why we have given priority to working with Certified B Corporations and plan to become one ourselves.  

We look for companies that are giving back to their communities, taking measuring to care for the environment and fostering a sense of desire to do more than simply create a profit. Read more….