Bamboo Toothbrush

Bamboo Toothbrush


Switching to bamboo and help rid the world of plastic toothbrush pollution! This toothbrush is made from 100% certified organic bamboo.

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The handle is completely compostable in your home compost system.

The bristles are made from 62% castor bean oil and 38% nylon. This does mean that you will need to remove these bristles before composting your handle. What can you do with the bristles? Programs through Terracycle are in place to aid in the recycling of dental care related products and they will recycle these bristles. A shipping label is available here through their program. You can also contact us to help you navigate your disposal options. We’re happy to help!

The cardboard box is 100% recyclable.

The toothbrush comes packaged in a 100% bioplastic wrapper that is compostable in industrial composting facilities. Check out to find your closest facility. We are working with the manufacturer to find easier solutions for disposal of this packaging, so will keep you updated!

To prolong the life of your toothbrush, store in a dry, well-ventilated area or towel-dry after use. With proper care, your Brush with Bamboo toothbrush should last as long as typical plastic toothbrushes, but without the negative impact.