Vegan Refillable Dental Floss

Vegan Refillable Dental Floss


Vegans!!!! We’ve got your back! This Bamboo Charcoal floss is amazing and possibly the simplest change you can make to cut down your waste.  The floss uses a refillable glass container. Comes with a refill spool in a compostable bag (and yes, you can compost that bag in your home compost).

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More Reasons Why We Love it?

Better for the Environment:

This is a 99% zero waste product!  The only part that isn’t zero waste is the sticker….and that’s on the bottle, which is meant to be reused again and again thanks to the refillable spools!

The recyclable box is 100% post-consumer fiber that is certified FSC and PCF free and is manufactured using renewable biogas energy and printed with soy-based inks.

The refill spool comes in Polylactide Acid bag created from the lactic acid in plants and is certified compostable.

Product Life Cycle

Recyclable packaging.

Recyclable glass refillable canister and stainless steel lid.

Biodegradable floss,

Compostable refill spool packaging.