Reusable Coffee Mug

Reusable Coffee Mug

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Forget using disposable coffee cups the next time you head to the coffee shop!

Made from durable, toughened glass.  The natural cork band is made using the waste product from a wine cork manufacturer in Portugal.  How cool is that!

Removing the band is not recommended, even for washing. Hand wash and let the band dry on the glass.

- Hand wash only to extend the life of your cup.

-Splashproof seal

-Non-toxic, BPA and BPS free

- With the Lid off, can be heated to 100°C/ 212°F degrees.

- Made from toughened soda lime glass – not unbreakable, but surprisingly durable.  This glass is hand blown and your lid is fitted to the glass, which means that your lid may not be compatible with other cups.  

- Replacement parts are available. Components can also be recycled and the cork band can be composted.

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More Reasons Why We Love It?

Keep Cup is a B Corp Certified Company.


Using a reusable mug instead of a single-use disposable:

Did you know that if you buy just one cup of coffee or tea in a disposable cup every day that you will end up creating about 23 lbs of waste per year?   

Plastic-free packaging!

Product Life Cycle:

Mug comes with a 12-month warranty.

Replacement parts are available and some components can be recycled.  The cork band can be composted.