5 Tips for Zero Waste Grocery Shopping

I think one of the questions we are asked most often is how we grocery shop, so I’m bringing you 5 tips for how we make zero waste grocery shopping work for us. And I just want to say that it is rare that we make it home from the grocery store with 100% zero waste. There are always those items we need that we haven’t yet been able to find a zero waste solution for….like tofu, tortillas, cheese, etc. I’m sure there are solutions out there, we just haven’t tapped into them yet or don’t realistically have the time to DIY them.

Disclaimer: My husband does most of the grocery shopping. I know! I’m incredibly lucky! He prefers to take the jars we store our bulk goods in rather than bulk bags, which we would then need to be transferred to the jars. Sure, sometimes he’ll use the bags, but for the most part he heads to the store equipped with maybe 4 or 5 jars, so the tips provided here are for shopping with your jars. If you bring bulk bags, then just ignore the tare weight step, unless of course you don’t want them to charge you for the weight of your bag, then you can do that step too!

So here are our tips for making a zero waste(ish) run to the grocery store:

Zero Waste Grocery Shopping.png

We are also constantly modifying the way we shop and what we shop for based on the season or our current cravings. We have one daughter who is a hard and fast vegetarian and prefers to only eat carbs, so we have to get creative and keep offering her new things. Basically, we do our best and if we have to make compromises on things that are not zero waste in order to provide solid nutrition for our family, then sometimes we do that. It’s really hard to do it all.

Think you could achieve a zero(ish) run to the store? I challenge you, the next time you run in to grab a snack or fixings for dinner, to try and opt for the unpackaged items whenever possible then report back about how it went. Impossibly hard? Did people stare at you? Ask you questions? Was it easier than you expected?

Comment below and good luck!