Ultimate Guide to Zero Waste Gift-Giving

6 Tips to Green Your Holiday Gift-Giving Routine:

Give An Experience:  Camping trip | Amusement Park Adventure | Dinner Out | Fishing trip | Art Class | Sewing Class | Wine Tasting Tour | Massage | Facial | Food Tour | Ropes Course | Whale Watching | Visit to the Aquarium | Cooking Class | Concert tickets | Sporting Event | Gym or Yoga Membership. The possibilities are endless!

DIY: Homemade gifts come from the heart, whether they be masterpieces or works-in-progress the time and effort spent will be appreciated

Give a Charitable Donation in the Recipient’s Name:  Is there a cause they’re behind?  Give a gift to that organization in their name.

Shop Local:  Many fantastic small businesses can be found throughout Santa Cruz.  Think local first!

Upcycled Gifts:  More and more new creations are being made from old materials in an effort to keep waste out of our landfills.  Handbags made from banners, flip flops from scooter tires, wetsuits to yoga mats. You name it!

Gift Cards:  Know their favorite local shop?  A gift card will allow them to buy exactly what they want and avoid any costly returns or waste while also supporting a local business.  


Santa Cruzans! Shop local in our shop! We have been curating the perfect products to help you minimize your waste while supporting companies that have a mission beyond profit. We do our best to ensure that each and every one of our products was made sustainably and that the life cycle of the product has been considered to avoid it ending up in the landfill. We will also arrange for a pick-up or delivery for you!

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