The Aussie Joco Cup Review

While traveling in Chile, we found the most awesome hand-made pottery place, Puerto Gres.  Back home, my dad is a hobbyist potter and we all use his mugs, plates, and bowls for our daily use.  Pretty cool.  So I have pretty high standards for what constitutes a good mug.  It's gotta feel just right in your hand, the handle has to be comfy for your fingers and the lip MUST be glazed to avoid that rough feeling as you sip.  Even though it was incredibly impractical, we couldn't help but purchase mugs to drink our yerba mate out of once we tested them and discovered they met all of the right criteria.  Who travels for months at a time carrying their own fragile hand-made ceramics?  We idiots do!  Needless to say, a few weeks later my beautiful little mug took a tumble...


Such a bummer.  (But don't worry, I had already sent another one home with my parents for use on our return.  Wink Wink.)  

Now enters the Joco Cup!  I'd been eyeballing these cups since discovering them at Crave Home in Birkenhead, New Zealand on the North Island.  The only things holding me back were price and, the most important question, whether or not my mate straw would fit through the drinking outlet in the lid!  So, I held off, not wanting to make a fool-hardy purchase before considering all the angles first (a la The Oracle, aka Bea Johnson).  

What do I think of the mug?

  • Pros:

    • Great style
    • Awesome color (and many more great colors to choose from)
    • The grip around the glass is smooth and feels nice to hold
    • Great to simply drink water out of the glass on a hot day
    • My mate straw fits through the lid opening!!!!  Hooray!  (That means that those stainless steel straws many of you use should fit just fine)
  • Cons:

    • Silicone grip and lid
      • I'm going to break the damn thing, it's only a matter of time, careful as I may be.  So then, what am I going to do with the silicone?  This dawned on me after I purchased it and made me realize that I am going to try to avoid purchasing silicone products in the future because they are much harder to recycle than you would think.  
    • Made in Chine
      • The box says "Made responsibly in China".  What does this mean?  I contacted the company asking this question exactly and they promptly responded with this:

"JOCO cups are designed in Australia and proudly Artisan blown in China. As JOCO cups are made by "Artists Not Machines” it takes a specific and refined skill set from the finest glass blowers in the country to responsibly produce our glass. JOCO’s factory not only encompasses high humanitarian standards but is constantly innovating and maintaining a minimal environmental impact through its industry leading manufacture practices."

Any users of the Joco Cup?  How are you liking it?  Any experience with recycling or reusing silicone?

*this post contains NO affiliate links...just my thoughts and opinions!