Why The Zero Shop when you don't have a shop?

Kinda lame, right?  Why are we calling it a shop when there is no shop to speak of? 

Well, that's because we intend for their to be a shop when we return from our travels. 

Right now we are living and learning, researching and discovering all things that support minimizing waste.  And I think that most of those who are on a zero waste journey will agree when I say that traveling is THE hardest thing to do without generating waste. 

So while we travel, we are testing ourselves and getting to know what products, techniques, tips and tricks are out there.  Nothing quite like living it before sharing it with others so you can genuinely understand their experience.  

The Zero Shop will source producers of goods that are ethical and sustainable and, most importantly, that we love. We will bring those goods to you with as little packaging as possible.  We want to be your one-stop shop for your zero waste, guilt-free products.  And not just that, but we love cool design.  When you purchase an item to support your efforts toward zero waste, don't you want it to be cool?  Comfy?  Highly functional?  After all, the idea is that the items you bring into your life should be keepers.

So while we travel and explore, we will be sharing with you our cool finds along the way, as well as the things we struggle with and look for ways to "go zero waste" on.  When we settle back into our lives in Santa Cruz, we will be bringing you The Zero Shop

Don't be afraid to drop us a line and let us know about any products, tips, tricks and more!  

Stay tuned!