Why Line-Drying Your Clothes is Awesome...

I hated line-dryed clothes when I was younger.  My mom used to line dry my jeans and when I went to put them on they could stand up by themselves.  They were so stiff.  And the towels...ugh, don't even get me started with how scratchy and abrasive drying in the sun had made them.  Like a dry louftah exfoliation after your shower.  

Now fast-forward however many years, and, if there is the opportunity to line dry, I will use it.  It just feels so good to use the sun to dry your clothes rather than your clothes dryer.  And I have even grown to enjoy that stiffness that comes from drying on the line.  

Before we started traveling we were doing A TON of laundry ever week.  We bought a washer and dryer with Eco modes and great Energy Star ratings, which basically meant that it took FOREVER, though it does use less energy (this is probably not the case with most dryers).  So, even though they're pretty quiet, it just meant that it was running all the time.  

Traveling is a whole different story.  You don't realize until you travel how rare it is for people to use clothes dryers.  Throughout South America we stayed at many places that either didn't have a washer or dryer at all or they only had a washer. 

NO ONE HAD A DRYER!  NO ONE!  But, you know what they all did have?  A drying rack or clothes line.  

It dawned on me as I was hanging the clothes out to dry, that there are a few more reasons, besides saving energy, why it makes sense to line dry...

  • Your clothes last longer

Getting tumbled in the dryer is hard on your clothes.  Assuming you don't leave them out on the line to end up bleached by the sun, the fibers will hold up much longer.

  • Got a stain?  

Putting your favorite shirt with a drop of ketchup smeared across the front in the dryer? You'll have to kiss it goodbye, cause that stain will never come out.  But line dry?  You may still have a chance to save it!

  • Get outside!

We're weak.  My family is so sensitive to the heat (and also super pale so burning happens incredibly easily), that we end up staying inside during peak sun hours quite often, especially in Australia.  But even back home, I grew to love it when hanging the laundry got me out in the backyard.  It often lead to me finding a comfy chair to sit and bask in the sun for a while as the laundry flapped in the breeze.  

Ahhh, so simple.  


What have you heard about the research showing that plastic from our clothes is ending up in our water during washing?  Patagonia has even started selling these bags for washing in order to prevent it.  I would love to hear your thoughts!