Things My Kids Have Learned After One Year of Travel

Words of Traveling Wisdom from an 8 year old and a 10 year old

Always make sure everything is charged and downloaded.  

Double-check you haven't left anything behind.  Always.

Always have a snack on hand.  

You get very homesick.  

Put conditioner in your hair or shower before getting in the pool or your hair will turn green.  

Over-the-head headphones feel better than earbuds even though they're bigger to carry around.

Get access to digital books through multiple sources so you always have book options.  

Bring a bug book to learn about lots of bugs.  

At some places it's better to go grocery shopping and make your own food than to eat out.  

Pack only clothes that you absolutely love or need.  

Find the perfect pair of shoes that are good for walking aka Birkenstocks (not waterproof) and Natives.

Hooded long sleeve rash guards save you having to put on a lot of sunscreen.  

Do not try to go zero waste while traveling, it's incredibly hard.  

Comfortable beds are important.

Find a way to get some space sometimes.  You'll need it.  

The biggest thing to help you adjust to time change is sitting down to a normal meal time for wherever you are even though you might not feel like eating.  

Every once in a while, go somewhere where it rains.  Rain is nice.  

Can't remember the date?  Doesn't matter!  Don't even bother trying!

Always bring a "friend trap" aka hoola hoop, jump rope, bike and, when all else fails, a cartwheel works pretty well too.  

For the first couple weeks, if you're not thinking about your friends, you won't miss them as much.  Stay busy.

Don't get sunburned, it hurts.