Travel Essential Series #3: Clothing to pack for a trip around the world with kids!

The key to packing successfully is to always PACK LESS! 

Here's what each of us have crammed into our bags!


In My Bag.jpg

I had a pair of grey leggings that tore, but I would highly recommend a basic comfortable pair of leggings for the cooler climates.  They came in very hand for layering in Patagonia as well as super comfortable for flights, jammies, etc.  

I also brought along a Lululemon scarf that I wore constantly throughout South America and was awesome for plane flights.  I found mine used through Poshmark and sent back with friends once we moved on to warmer climates as it became unnecessary.  

In My Bag (1).jpg

In My Bag (2).jpg

Not pictured are a pair of converse tennis shoes and boots used for hiking through Patagonia, donated once they were no longer needed.  

In My Bag (3).jpg

Not pictured are a pair of Vans tennis shoes and boots which, like her sisters', were used to hike in Patagonia and then donated.  

Lessons Learned Thus Far?

Over-packing is inevitable.  Don't be afraid to donate items you no longer find useful. We purchased "new" things we found we needed along the way through second-hand shops, especially in New Zealand and Australia. Shedding some weight along the way will make you feel so much more free!  We've also learned that you don't need much to be comfortable and happy.   


While in Chile it was very cold, so we brought along Patagonia jackets, which worked wonderfully, but were too precious/costly to offload along the way.  We ended up sending them back home when visitors came to see us.  

In tropical climates like Indonesia and the blazing sun of Australia, you really only need the lightest clothing to help you stay comfortable.  My cotton skirts even became too warm to wear and I ended up buying 2 beautiful dresses in Bali to give me something lighter to wear.  

Your bathing suits will see a lot of use.  Make sure they are comfortable for wearing underneath clothing and pack a few so you can avoid having to put on the dreaded wet bathing suit while also minimizing the wear and tear.  


Comfortable sandals for walking are a must.  I really wavered on what I thought would work best for me.  I love flip flops and prefer to wear them over shoes any day, but I know that walking long distances in them was not going to work. Nor did I want to put my feet in tennis shoes when it was roasting hot outside (aside from the occasional long hike).  I eventually stumbled across these Plaka Summer Sandals and they have been great.  After a ton of wear and tear (and no sore feet), they are definitely starting to fall apart.  I'm thinking about another pair of these same shoes or perhaps Birkenstocks when they finally give out.  

Natives are THE best traveling shoes for kids.  Unless you are going somewhere very cold, they may be the only pair of shoes your kid needs.  They are waterproof, comfortable and easy to slip on and off.  Highly recommend!

Buying used kids shoes is REALLY hard.  We looked second-hand everywhere and ended up buying new.  We plan to use the heck out of them and hopefully pass them along to get maximal use out of them.  


There are always options for doing your laundry along the way, which is further reason to pack less!  I also recommend some good ol' fashioned washing in the sink.   And of course air-drying is the way to go!

I hope this was helpful.  And, just FYI, this post contains no affiliate links....just my opinions!