Happy Earth Day 2019!

This Earth Day, April 22, 2019, we are bringing you 22 ways you can make small changes to help out this beautiful planet we all live on:

1. Refuse a plastic straw!

2. Buy used. Shop second-hand.  If you can get it used...do it!

3. Start composting or find a friend who composts and can do it for you!

4. Repair-fix what’s broken rather than buying new!

5. Ditch the plastic water bottle and opt for a reusable

6. Bring your own coffee cup and refuse the disposable

7. Bring your own to-go container or doggy bag when eating out

8. Don’t forget your tote bags when you grocery shop!

9.Shop in bulk using your own bags or containers

10.Switch to reusable bags for your produce rather than using plastic or even skip the bag altogether!

11. Ditch the paper towels and try reusable cloths

12. Join your local CSA for access to fresh, seasonal fruits veggies and community

13. Give shampoo and conditioner bars a try and forget the plastic bottle

14. Refuse a plastic toothbrush at the dentist and use a bamboo one instead!

15. Try out compostable/refillable dental floss, then you can refuse the plastic one at the dentist too!

16. Safety razors will not just save waste, you’ll also save money on those refill blades

17. Switch to TP made from recycled paper, bamboo, or wheat AND packaged in paper rather than plastic

18. Line dry your clothes or give dryer balls a try to cut down on dry times

19. Walk/Bike or take public transport when you can

20. Eat less meat, even if just a little.  It adds up!

21. Learn more about what’s happening with your local recycling center. What are they able to recycle?

22.Think circular-each product you use or wear, consider what it took to bring it to you and what will happen to it at the end of it’s life!

We hope that today you will take a moment to reconnect with the natural beauty around you, be it a walk on the beach, in the woods, or taking a moment to appreciate the sunset. In our busy day-to-day lives it’s easy to forget the importance of the role we each play and the impact, both positive and negative, we can have on the world around us. May you feel inspired to find a small change you can make today that the planet will thank you for!