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Compostable Dishware: What is the Impact?

Recently I began wondering about the impact of so many of these compostable products we’ve seen shops and restaurants switching to these days and what their true impact is.  Shouldn’t the answer be obvious? I mean, they’re compostable after all!

Compostable is always better, right?  But is it?

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Our Approach to Carbon Offsets

For the past year our family of four has been traveling around the world. And while we’ve been doing everything in our power to cut down the typical waste travelers produce, the fact of the matter is that we have had a huge negative impact on the climate with all of our plane flights.  So what, if anything, can be done about this?

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Travel Essentials #6: Toiletries (Zero Waste-ish)

Everyone always brings along their own toiletries when they go on a trip, right?  Or do you depend on using those little single-use bars of soap, shampoo, conditioner or (gasp) toothbrushes that they make so readily available?  Well, if you don't BYO already, I hope that you will find it is incredibly easy to do so and make the switch over.  

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Travel Essentials Series #5: Avoiding Plastic Water Bottles and Treating Tap Water for Drinking

How do you avoid the dreaded plastic water bottle while traveling? The answer to this becomes much more complicated than simply using your own reusable water bottle, especially when you travel to countries where the tap water is unsafe for drinking. It's not so simple, but incredibly important!

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