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How Do You Live Without Plastic Bags?

Plastic sucks. Sure it’s an amazing product in many ways, but what isn’t amazing about it is that we have taken something that should be used for the long-haul and turned it into something we dispose of incredibly quickly, sometimes within seconds of using (like those damn coffee stir sticks). So whittling away at our daily use of these readily disposable plastics has meant finding a way to do away with the ubiquitous plastic bag.

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Ultimate Guide to Zero Waste Gift-Giving

We have all received gifts we don’t actually want, right? Then where does that gift end up? Do you donate it? Give it away? Does it end up in the landfill? What if you rethought your gift-giving this holiday and not only found a way to hit the gift-giving nail on the head, but also was better for the environment? Win-win! Check out these tips to guide you in your giving.

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Compostable Dishware: What is the Impact?

Recently I began wondering about the impact of so many of these compostable products we’ve seen shops and restaurants switching to these days and what their true impact is.  Shouldn’t the answer be obvious? I mean, they’re compostable after all!

Compostable is always better, right?  But is it?

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7 Tips for Shopping Ethically and Sustainably

How you shop and what you buy matters. It really does! So here are some tips for helping you shop wisely that will allow you to do everything you can to do what’s best for the world with every hard-earned dollar you spend!

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Review: Sustainable Toothbrushes

Did you know that every plastic toothbrush ever created still exists in one form or another today?!!?

If that doesn't stop you in your tracks, I don't know what will!  It sure stopped me.  I'd never thought about it before, but of course. It makes sense.  If it takes over 400 years to decompose and was only invented in the last do the math.  Since hearing this I will never purchase another plastic toothbrush and I plan to refuse the ones they give away at the dentist's office.  Maybe when they brush my teeth at my next appointment I'll just bring my own toothbrush along for them to use?  Hmmm.  There's an interesting zero waste issue to tackle. 

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