Things We've Learned After 11 Months of Travel

Always have food on hand.

Breathe.  Deeply and often.  Meditation is awesome.  

Don't think too much, just leap!

A little bit of patience with yourself and your children can go a long way.

Say yes.  To Everything.  

Waking up early to have time to yourself is always worth it.  

Wash your underwear as soon as you take them off. 

Tell your children you love them, even when you are ready to strangle them. 

Take more videos.  These are super fun to look back on.  

Cold showers before bed really help cool you down.  

Don't be shy.

Try to speak the language, even if you'll look stupid, your effort will be appreciated.  

Hire a guide, you won't regret it.  

Take a lame tourist bus around the city to give you the lay of the land.  It's cooler than it seems.  

Use airline miles for long haul flights, but just book the shorter flights when you get there, they'll be cheaper that way.

Don't plan too far ahead.  Keeping it flexible allows you to move on when you're ready and to marinate when the fancy strikes you.  

Prioritize a place with a pool, especially for the kids.  

You need WAY fewer things than you think.  

Homeschooling is hard.  Breathe.  They're learning more than you realize.  

Slow travel can be just as hard as fast travel, but for different reasons.  

Find ways to exercise every other day for both your physical and mental health.  

Airport VIP Lounge access is totally worth it (especially if you can finagle free passes through your credit card).

Have a separate set of credit cards you leave at home that you auto pay through and cards you take with you. If anything happens to your cards while you're traveling, you won't have to change all of your payment subscriptions.  

Google's Project Fi is awesome.  

Having visitors join you on your journey can be incredible, but don't forget it's also an adjustment.

Time goes by really quickly.  Try to appreciate every moment and remember that the tough moments will always pass.  

Don't put your phone in loose pockets, especially when climbing rocks in the ocean.

Try to remember to stay present in the moment.