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Review: Sustainable Toothbrushes

Did you know that every plastic toothbrush ever created still exists in one form or another today?!!?

If that doesn't stop you in your tracks, I don't know what will!  It sure stopped me.  I'd never thought about it before, but of course. It makes sense.  If it takes over 400 years to decompose and was only invented in the last do the math.  Since hearing this I will never purchase another plastic toothbrush and I plan to refuse the ones they give away at the dentist's office.  Maybe when they brush my teeth at my next appointment I'll just bring my own toothbrush along for them to use?  Hmmm.  There's an interesting zero waste issue to tackle. 

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Guiding Principles for Zero Waste

What the heck is zero waste and how do I get there? Well, here they are. If you follow these guiding principles in all of the actions you take as a conscious consumer, you will be well on your way to reducing the amount of waste that you and your family produce. All it takes is a little change. You don’t have to move a mountain, you don’t have to cut down to zero, just work your way there. Every action counts!

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Travel Essentials #6: Toiletries (Zero Waste-ish)

Everyone always brings along their own toiletries when they go on a trip, right?  Or do you depend on using those little single-use bars of soap, shampoo, conditioner or (gasp) toothbrushes that they make so readily available?  Well, if you don't BYO already, I hope that you will find it is incredibly easy to do so and make the switch over.  

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What is Silicone and is it a Safe Substitute for Plastics?

Having purchased my beautiful Joco Cup, which has a silicone lid and a silicone gripper around the cup, I began to wonder about what was in this material I was sipping from as well as what would happen at the end of its life.  Say, I clumsily break my cup, for example?  Typical of moi. 

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